Male escorts teach better than most parents

Many parents are guilty of abandoning their young adults who reach the legal age with the notion that they are “old enough to make their own decision.” This is not always true. Young adults still need a lot of guidance to make better decisions. In the regards of societal and emotional roles, male escorts are doing better than most American parents.

Mind you; I did not wake up one morning and jump into conclusion. I sampled the opinion of a few young adults between 19 and 21 years, and their tales were revealing and appealing. For the sake of maintaining their privacy, I did not use their real names.

Tasha, 20

I wish my parents told me some of the things I learned the hard way. Life would have been easier, I guess. Yes, we all want to feel in control and break free from the superiority of our parents. I think it is a natural feeling that comes with age and not because we dislike our parents. It pissed my parents off.

They told me to get my apartment and move out of theirs because they could no longer put up with my unruly attitude. I did that, and it exposed me to all new loneliness. I yearned for parental advice, but it never came. I still believe I would have been able to avoid that first dating mistake I made if only there were someone to guide me.

I took a lot for granted in that first relationship. He was a serial abuser, and it was evident from the way he shouts me down at slight provocation, but I was too adrift with love to get off the boat until I started getting a black eye.

It was when I began to hang out with male escorts that I discovered that girls could request for more from their boyfriend and walk out of the relationship if they were not satisfied. There is a lot I learned through interacting with the male escorts I hired. In fact, I would have had a repeat of my first experience if not for an escort that talked me out of it.

Rachel, 19

I barely spent time with my parents the moment I was old enough to be left behind at home. My parents were very busy people. They made a lot of money. As their income grew, so did the time they had for me diminish. Our house help was my best companion.

When I got into college, I became friends with some male escorts – and I am grateful that I did. It was through them that I understood a lot of technicalities about relationship and sex. I cannot even compare my parents to them regarding companionship and knowledge. Well, it is not all gloom for my parents. Their absence made it easier for me to learn how to make friends with strangers. I know some people find it hard starting a conversation with a stranger. Not me. I am a pro in that.

Mandy, 21

No matter how close you are with your parents, some things are extremely hard to share with them. How can you walk up to your mum and tell her that you just finished sucking dick, but you don’t know if you did it properly? Sounds awkward, right? Or walking up to your dad to ask him to teach you how to satisfy a man. These are some of the extremes where, I think, parents are bad teachers. Many parents shy away from sexual topics altogether.

I had a lot of questions begging for answers when I turned 18. I had heard stories of women who lose their men to other women because they failed to satisfy their men. I feared this fate would befall me, so I started to hire male escorts. The more male escorts I hired, the more my knowledge grew until I was certain that I had all the knowledge I needed before going into a relationship.

If you look at it properly, I don’t think it is the fault of the parents, or that male escorts are better teachers. It is just hard for a parent to teach their kids some things because they love them and wouldn’t want to expose them to the risk in the first place. Hell no! I can NEVER teach my daughter how to slurp on a dick.

Natasha, 21

I agree with you. Male escorts have always been better teachers than parents when it comes to sex and relationship. My parents never told me anything about relationships. They were only keen on chasing away any male friend that appears too attached to me. Sometimes I felt embarrassed, but there was little I could do about it.

These were the opinion of some of the ladies I interviewed. What is your own opinion?

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