What if Your Booking Goes Wrong?

Escort booking can go wrong like any other thing in life. Here is some piece of advice on how you can deal with it and what you can expect from the escort agency and escort lady.

Firstly do not get upset with an escort girl. The best is to call an escort agency and explain what the reason for your disappointment is. If you just met the escort and you are not happy with her, you need to remember that you can send her away. We understand that you might feel not comfortable to do it, but it is nothing personal she will not be offended by it. You do not need to say anything to the girl call or text your escort agency, and the receptionist will do the job. Regarding the payment, if you would like to cancel the particular lady, you can do that without any charges if you cancel within first 10 minutes. Escort service is a personal service, and you can not expect the same rules as you buying something in the shop.  Escort lady is paid for her time, so it does not matter how did you spend time with her she needs to be paid.

Secondly, once you have done you cancellation correctly, then you can ask the agency for another lady. Elite London escort agencies always have the selection of ladies available for last minutes booking. If you in central London the second lady can be with you within 15-20 minutes depends on the traffic. If you have not informed the escort agency that you do not like the girl and she stayed with you whole hour, then she needs to be paid, and you can not expect any refund from the agency or another girl for free. If you were reluctant to cancel and you are a regular client, then the agency will propose some discount for your future bookings, but this is arranged individually.

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